The Wolf and I

From a young age, my biggest fear, and my most recurring source of nightmares,

was the wolf.I believe it began with the Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs and

was solidified by The Creature of Darkness, A.K.A Gmork in The Never Ending Story.

Wolves terrified me. I often awoke from night terrors in which wolves were chasing

me, always trying to eat me.

It was not until the age of 28 that I finally was able to transform my relationship with Wolf, and appropriately, I did so in my dreams. I was at a point in my dreamwork where I was holding the intention to rid myself of all Fear. In one particularly memorable dream I found myself in a moonlit, snow covered field. There was a cave on one side of the field and a forest on the other. I went into the cave, knowing that there was something for me to find inside. On the floor of the cave I found a sword. When I exited the cave I became aware that there was a white wolf walking along the edge of the forest. I stalked it, attacked it, and slay the wolf cleanly. I thanked it for its life and energy, and dragged it back to the cave. I believe the white wolf was a sacred ancestor, presenting itself to me in a ritualized fashion, allowing me to kill it so as to begin the healing process and my reclamation of sacred wolf energy.

After this dream I had a similar healing dream in which I confronted a Werewolf. Instead of running from it, I embraced it in a tight hug and danced around the room with him. It was magnificent!

The final portion of my reclamation process was embodying wolf energy in my waking life. On the full moon,

during Burning Man 2009, I dressed up like a wolf and spent the entire night embracing and embodying wolf

energy. I prowled around the playa, stalking bunnies and other fuzzy prey, I howled at the moon, I crept in the

shadows, I sought out and frightened the weak. It was fantastic… the best night of burning man I had. Months later,

I was the wolf again for Halloween and played the role in a play… really showing the world that I am one with Wolf.

Since these experiences the Wolf has shown up many times in my dreams, but never in a frightening fashion. Wolf is now a strong ally. I had a dream a few months back in which I called for my spirit guides to come help me. A full pack of wolves came running at me from the woods. Where as once upon a time I might have turn and fled from the pack, this time I stood my ground. They ran to me, jumped on me and licked my face affectionately. It feels wonderful to know that this once terrifying animal is now kin, and is available for me to call on when I need a guide or an ally.  


~ by jonahhaas on August 25, 2010.

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  1. Thank you 🙂 this is awesome!

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