Dream Coaching

Jonah’s Dream Coaching

is offering free introductory consultations!!

Learn to:

*Increase dream recall

*Resolve nightmares

*Interpret the messages from your higher self

*Lucid dream

*Heal your mind, body, and soul

*Tap into your most powerful creative potential

*Bring dream messages and insights into your waking life to live more lucidly

If you are already an avid dreamer, learn to:

*Increase your intensity and frequency of lucidity

*Ask your dreams specific questions and receive profound answers

*Dream the future

*See other geographic wheres and temporal whens (Remote Viewing)

*Induce out of body experiences (OBEs) and astral projection

*Visit and explore other dimensions of nonphysical reality

*Enter other people’s dreams

Contact me today for your free consultation! (805-286-6694 or jonahhaas@yahoo.com) I will talk with you about where you are at as a dreamer, what type of dreamwork you are interested in pursuing, and what kinds of things you would like to call into your life. Based on this consultation I will develop a proposed dream curriculum tailored specifically for you. After your consultation, I operate on a sliding scale. My pay rate is flexible and negotiable.

About Jonah:

Jonah has been lucid dreaming his entire life. From a young age his parents taught him about the power of dreams, and since he began keeping a dream journal in 1999, his dreaming has unfolded into a powerful personal practice. After receiving his BA and Masters degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Jonah turned toward Dream Work as a calling and a passion, his true mission and purpose in life. He is currently co-facilitating dream workshops in Southern California with Revelation Dreamwork, blogging about dreams here on Lifeways and Dreamscapes, and coaching individuals who are interested in deepening their relationship with their dreams.

Contact Jonah!

Phone: 805-286-6694

Email: jonahhaas@yahoo.com


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