Dream Interpretation- A Quick Guide

An important inquiry to start with is… Why should we interpret our dreams? There are a number of good answers to this question. Here are a few:

1. Fun, it’s like solving a riddle or a puzzle

2. Discover deep psychological truths from our subconscious

3. Hear the messages from our higher selves, or from the gods and goddesses if you believe in such things

4. Diagnose and heal (psychologically and physically)

5. Gather precognitive insights about future events

Next, it is important to understand where the contents of our dreams come from. Our dreams take input from various different sources and throw them all together into a collage of experience. Here are some of the main sources dreams draw upon:

1. Day Residue- These are the images and symbols that appear before our consciousness during the day or the week leading up to a dream.

2. Emotional Past- Emotions from our past (this life and past lives) are stored deep within our psyche. Even if we don’t know where they come from, they may be back there, behind the curtains, pulling strings.

3. Emotional Present- These are the feelings that you are currently going through and processing.

4. Future Events- The brain has an amazing ability to sort and order sensory input, calculate trajectories of events and processes, and arrive at potential outcomes that may occur in the future. These events become the subject of prophetic dreams!

5. Novelty (New creations)- These are new creations… things made up or discovered for the very first time in dreams. Many famous thinkers and artists credit their dreams as being the source of some of their most profound breakthroughs and artistic masterpieces.

6. Random- Some things in your dreams may just seem so completely random, so outside the realm of your experiences, that one plausible explanation for their appearance in dreams is that we sometimes pick up on the contents of other peoples’ dreams.

So now that you know why you are interpreting your dreams, and you know the various sources where dream content comes from, it is time to delve into the actual interpretation. There are some important things to remember when doing so:

1. Keep a Dream Journal. Write in it as often as possible. This is the single most important thing you can do for your dreams.

2. YOU are the only one who arrive at the accurate interpretation of your dream. You will know when you’ve arrived at the “right” interpretation when it truly resonates with you and goes Thunk! or Ah Haaa! in your stomach.

3. Figure out your own dream language, forget about dream dictionaries. Use dictionaries or the internet only when you cannot figure out your own personal associations with the images or symbols that appear in your dreams.

4. Always ask, “What was the emotional feeling of the dream?”

5. Consider the possibility of a literal interpretation

6. Consider dream characters as being fragments or reflections of aspects of yourself. Always ask, “What was their function in the dream?”

With these basic tools, you should be able to begin to piece together your dream puzzles. Remember always look deeper within yourself to find meaning. It may be that some dreams have many different meanings, all accurate depending on from where you look at them. Finally… embrace, and enjoy the magic and mystery!


~ by jonahhaas on August 15, 2010.

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