From Source, Through Brains and Being

I’ve been thinking about and playing with a new conceptualization of the human multi-dimensional system. My model includes and honors the interconnectedness of 1) the physical body, 2) the left brain, 3) the right brain, 4) the subtle energetic body, and 5) the consciousness that flows through all of these.

Perhaps our experiences with different states of consciousness can be conceptualized as consciousness taking different streams or pathways through our beings. Consciousness springs forth from Source, from the Eye of Consciousness, from The Vast Expanse, the void, the nothingness that is everything. It passes through our brains, our bodies, and our energy centers. While I haven’t delineated the hypothesized pathways for each of the following, I would imagine that we experience them differently because consciousness is flowing more heavily through one particular channel over another. On the same note, we can be aware of the Source from which consciousness arises and see the truth of who/what we are, OR we can identify with our brains or our bodies or our emotions as who we are. While I’ve found that  the later leads to suffering and confusion, the former leads to heightened awareness, evolution, and a vast expansion of self.

Consider these various states of consciousness:

Awake and Unaware

Awake and Aware (Lucid Living)

Asleep, Dreaming, yet Unaware (Non-Lucid Dreaming)

Asleep and Aware (Lucid Dreaming)

Sleep Paralysis (In between waking and dreaming, unaware)

Hypnagogia (In between waking and dreaming, aware)

Out of Body Experiences (can be aware or unaware)

Deep Dreamless Sleep

Consider the woman who experiences the world creatively, spontaneously, subjectively, in her physical body as a dancer, yet who isn’t aware of the observer, the eye of consciousness, that watches her dance. She identifies with her body as the core of who she is. I would hypothesize that her consciousness is probabilistically clustered around the connection between right brain and physical body, yet she experiences suffering because she is attached to a physical thing, rather than recognizing her no-thingness.  Now consider the lucid out of body traveler who utilizes his third eye to traverse the astral realm. I would say that during his experiences,  his consciousness flows dominantly from Source through right brain and subtle body.

There are obviously endless types of people with an infinite possible configuration of experiences and states of being. For each of these people, in nearly every moment, it is worthwhile to step back and observe the path that consciousness is taking. Perhaps, in the long run, this practice can lead to Balance.


~ by jonahhaas on August 7, 2010.

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