We are Super-Duper Computers: Fire Spinning with Rif

We are Super-Duper Computers

I took a wonderful staff spinning workshop with a talented performance artist and highly conscious man named Ryan Parks, aka Rif. More than teach particular moves, Rif imparts a philosophy of mind and body upon his students. His method, which he terms MindLighter, is a collection of analogies and insights about how our minds and bodies work. Basically, we have the Force and we can see the Matrix, and it’s all very simple and easy. Remember that… it’s easy. Say it again… it’s easy. Since we are super, DUPER computers, with ridiculous capacity to take pictures and videos (through our senses), store files (memories), and process new material (learn), we can do anything we want. The old attaché was “You can do anything once you put your mind to it”. If I may be so bold, the new one that Rif promotes is “You can do anything once you program your mind that it’s easy and then get out of the way”. Just like a virus on a computer, we have viruses in our mind. They are socially constructed stories that hide deeply embedded in our subconscious like “I can’t do it” or “I’m not good enough” or “Success isn’t for me”. Once these viruses are sniffed out and acknowledged, we may shine the light of consciousness on them and heal! With a clean hard drive, and an inspired creative drive, we are now poised to become super humans. Literally.

While his point is certainly applicable to spinning sticks and chains and various other tools that may or may not be on fire, it hits home with me on a much deeper level. It gets me thinking about the super human abilities that I’m developing in my lucid dream states. It gets me thinking about the inexplicable instances of remote viewing, interaction with disembodied spirits, and direct psychic connection that I’ve experienced on multiple occasions. I’ve received third party validation on many of these occasions, thus solidifying their real-ness in my awareness. I have no doubt that these phenomenons are real parts of the human experience, writ large. For every kook out there that claims to be psychic and is just crazy, there is another who legitimately has a gift. The question now becomes, how do I program myself to remember that these things not only exist, but are easy, and then how do I get my virus infested, scientifically programmed, rational mind OUT OF THE WAY?

Although this is only the very beginning of the conversation, I have no doubt that what we are talking about is no less than the next monumental leap in human evolution. Jump with me!

Check out Rif’s crazy contact sword work! I took this video at after the temple burn at burning man 2009 way before I ever met him.

Here is a longer promo video with better production value!


~ by jonahhaas on August 3, 2010.

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