Inexplicable dreamscapes

Written March 4, 2008 while working in Belize.

Last night, my dreams provided me with further proof that we are all psychically connected to a larger-than-human lifeforce that interpenetrates and flows through all that exists. The dreams contained visual images and a complex narrative that I could not have imagined in my waking consciousness. I experienced things that are so indescribably foreign that I cannot even think of ways to communicate them verbally. Never, if I were to just sit in front of an empty canvas, or a blank page, would I be able to simply recreate these things from the memory of my dream, let alone create them from scratch. And yet I saw them, I experienced them directly, I was there in that moment of magic where my self merged with the creative flows of the universe. If one were to insist that dreams only take place in our minds, then they would argue that my mind created these dreamscapes. Yet I have no frame of reference, nor background upon which to say that my mind has the artistic ability, chaotic audacity, or infinite genius to create these things. I was experiencing dreamscapes that were completely foreign to my mind and waking life. What are the implications of this?

I watched an orchestra of images in concert with the theme of my dream— morphing scenery that, as fast as the eye could consume the scope of its massive complexity, was transforming into another brilliant masterpiece of… art. Yes, art. I must have tapped into the creative function of consciousness from which art arises. I can say, based solely on intuition and an uncanny feeling of certainty, that I am sure of it. Art flows through us from whatever source my dreams tapped me into last night. I read back over my notes from last night and am saddened at how much is lost, how much is flattened down to words. If only I could pull up some of those images into some mental mind’s eye, I would be one of the worlds’ most celebrated artists. To be sure, there were moments, that if I was able to capture into a visual representation, they would make Alex Grey look like a pre-school finger painter.

Not only were the images of last night brilliant, but the story into which I was woven could be the next massive fantasy/science fiction epic. Part Matrix, part Stephen King’s Dark Tower, part Narnia, part Lord of the Rings, my dreams have been leading me here for years. This dream was as epic as they come and felt as though it lasted for half a lifetime.  If only I could remember the story line!


~ by jonahhaas on July 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Inexplicable dreamscapes”

  1. I lean more on the idea of allowing life, creative flow, and universal intelligence to be channeled through this life vessel, rather than the notion that I’ve created all of this in my head. The fact that I can recognize that this magnificence is beyond me, says something. So, this dream experience to me, says how much you’ve allowed the universe to work in your life. A co-creative experience arising.

    • Sharon,

      Yes… This dream was evidence to me that our dreams are NOT simply created in our own minds. I have thought for sometime that this experience was my stumbling upon some alien landscape on some other dimension of nonphysical reality. Thank you for the reminder that our dream experiences are usually co-creations, as no matter how far or wide we travel, we are consistently filtering the energies, entities, and sensations through the lens of our own mind. My point, however, in this post is that I don’t think my mind could have ever created this imagery on its own. Could this have been direct experience with something other than me, seen through the eyes of unfiltered consciousness? I dunno.

  2. “I experienced them directly, I was there in that moment of magic where my self merged with the creative flows of the universe”

    The key words here are ‘directly’ and ‘merged’.

    It is like the Creative Force came to you, merged with you, and showed you what it was all about, all of it’s potential. I sense we would see more of this, if we weren’t so convoluted.

    There is a movie, the original from the 70’s, Solaris. It’s about a visit by humans to a planets whose ocean is a conscious being. Orbiting in it’s atmosphere the humans are able to manifest projections from their minds. It’s a very realistic movie in terms as to how people would handle their own projections. I really liked how they incorporated human fear into the movie, for instead of making contact with this massive ocean of consciousness, they pursue to attack it with radiation.

    Most, when they feel that merge close, they attack it, or close off. If only we had more brave ones that would get past their own fears to tap into the magnificence arising.

    The universe is alive, and it’s trying to make contact.

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