Ripples on the waves of eternity

There are fairies in the woods, weaving a tapestry of vibration, injecting magic into our experience through the channels of our ear holes. Spiderwebs of sound laced with glistening drops of dew trickle subtly into our consciousness. Engulfed in this protective pod of a living tree-cocoon we huddle around a fire, like our ancestors have done for over a million years. The air feeds our breath, the ground holds our roots, the sea crashes on the shear cliff face, the sound of which thunders up to meet the faint fairy festivities and the fickle crackle of the fire. As we delve deeper into this moment within which we find our selves, our consciousness meets the energy of the elements in a swirling, spiraling dance… a mosaic of senses, colors, sounds, thoughts, feelings, and life force. The reality of being a man is imbued with a greater sense of authenticity and purpose in this place. The recognition of interconnection inspires clarity and peace. We are nothing more, or less, than ripples on the waves of eternity.


~ by jonahhaas on July 27, 2010.

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