Owning and Releasing Control of my Dream Body

This was a dream like none I’ve ever had before. I’m on a road in a little personal car, just big enough for my body to fit into. I realize almost at once that I am dreaming. Upon this realization I speak the words “Engage racing wheels”. Immediately as though I was a transformer, larger tires and shiny silver hardware comes out of the sides of my body and encapsulate my previously normal wheels. My velocity rises and I transition from an on-my-back sledding position, into a face-first stomach-down position. I swerve to miss slower cars in the road, missing them by centimeters. Up ahead there is something fallen in the road. I accelerate directly at the obstacle and in the moment before impact, I voice the command “Jump”. My dream body vehicle springs high into the air and I sail over the blockade. I say “Engage wings” and retractable wings extend out from my shoulder blades. I glide gently back down to the ground, gathering even more speed. “Re-engage wheels”. I touch down so smoothly I barely feel the kick. I’m really zooming now, but I want to go faster. “Speed boost” I speak with my mind, no longer needing to make things verbal. I feel a surge as my stomach gets left in the dust and I rocket past more slow moving vehicles. I’ve got total control. Amazing. Fearless. Fun. I am the creator of my own destiny on this path. With this thought I follow the road into a tunnel under a mountain. A grumbling sound creeps up on me as two large, fast motorcycles pass me on either side. I try to keep up with them using my mental speed bursts, but they’re too fast for me. I watch as they collide up ahead and create a smokey portal in the middle of the road. I come to a stop in front of it and before allowing any type of fear or uncertainty to arise, I, jump in head first and fall… fall… fall. I open my arms in complete surrender and relinquish all control. Bliss.

People often associate lucid dreaming with having total control over the dream. This is a slight misunderstanding. A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware of the fact that he or she is in a dream. While control is sometimes an outcome of this realization, lucidity does not necessarily imply control. Does a sailor control the sea? Certainly not, but a skilled admiral can navigate even the most treacherous waters. That being said, it’s also damn nice to just open up the sails, go with the flow, and see where the wind takes us!


~ by jonahhaas on July 23, 2010.

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