Hidden Treasures and a Familiar Friend

Dated February 2009

I had a cool little dream during my acupuncture session today. Before I get into it, a little background about what’s going on with my health right now. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been receiving regular acupuncture for the pain associated with a herniated L4-L5 disc for the last month or so. Unfortunately surgery seems to be looming on the horizon, as I’ve lost some strength in my right foot due to a severely pinched and damaged nerve. The doctors I’ve been seeing (I’ve had multiple consultations with the best orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons in town) are saying that I need to get my back fixed surgically soon to minimize the risk of the strength in my leg not returning. I definitely do NOT want to have limp foot for the rest of my life. It looks like I have a little bit of a time window (a month) to think things out and to try to get better using conservative treatment like physical therapy and acupuncture. The surgeons however say that a month is far too short of a time to get rid of my current symptoms. My acupuncture says differently, insisting that he’s seen people in my position dramatically improve in the course of a month. I believe and trust him. I have a month to show visible improvement in my right leg or else I go under the knife in early March.

So I was in my acupuncture session today and after the needles were put in and I was left alone for 20 minutes I drifted off to the dreamland. I was visiting a woman and although I don’t recall ever visiting her before, I knew it was my second time meeting with her. She was commissioning me to do some archeology work for her. Apparently she found what she thought were artifacts and she wanted my help uncovering them and figuring out what they were. She sat out in a glassed-in sun porch surrounded by tribal carvings and Kachina dolls and other Native American totems. Per the woman’s request, I removed a large Puka shell from out of a cool, dank rock cave that opened into the side of her house. I lightly rubbed the mouth of the shell and it opened for me like a flower blooming. Inside it I found a number of small rocks and pebbles. Upon more careful examination I noticed that one of these little rocks was actually a beautiful aqua blue gem… another was a carefully crafted miniature arrowhead… in fact each stone was a precious treasure.

I brought them to the woman to examine. We sat on the porch looking through the jewels and artifacts, the sun on our faces. What a beautiful moment!


~ by jonahhaas on July 23, 2010.

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