Disarm with Love!

A terrible man, leading a game show that is designed to humiliate and hurt its contestants, takes comfort in the pain he inflicts on others. He is a monster and I will not stand for it. I use my dream powers to make him shit his pants in front of the studio audience, sending him running from the room humiliated. He shoots me a dagger of a glance as he flees. He knows it was me. I feel a pang of fear, as this man is powerful. He may track me down. I spring for the roof-tops and hightail it home. Leaping from roof to roof on big werewolf paws, I make it back to my house unseen. Alas, the wicked man is standing in the doorway awaiting my return. He sees me and quickly jumps on top of me. He pins my neck to the ground with his boot. I try to repel him with my powers, but my efforts are in vain. His wrath is too strong for my telekinesis. He snarls a string of threats at me, but I cannot make out what he says. My attention is focused on the sharp tool in his right hand. It looks like a jackhammer with a razor bit. He wields it over his head and is about to bring it down on my neck, surely severing off my head, when I remember a bit of dream advice for dealing with malevolent forces and shout out “ WAIT… I LOVE YOU!!” The enraged man recoils as if hit by a gust of hurricane wind. Within seconds the emotions on his twisted face bounce from hatred to confusion to sadness to understanding. Recognizing the power of the words I say them again. “I LOVE YOU!” He collapses to the ground. Looking at me through vulnerable, watery eyes, he is barely recognizable as the same being who earlier in the day placed thumbtacks on his contestants’ seats. I say to him, “We do not have to be enemies, we can be allies… Good and Evil are, after all, a false dichotomy… they are two sides to the same coin.” He nods and repeats the last bit to himself… “two sides to the same coin”.


Jonah Haas


~ by jonahhaas on July 23, 2010.

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