Burning Man Dream Project

Dear Friends, Dreamers, and Burners,

I am organizing a project called the Burning Man Dream Project. Quite simply, I am interested in how people are dreaming about Burning Man. I am therefore collecting accounts of peoples’ Burning Man dreams from around the world and analyzing them for recurrent themes. I am doing this to understand the symbols that our collective conscious has inscribed upon this dusty ritual in Black Rock City. How does Black Rock call us to the desert through our dreams? Do our dusty dreams warn us? Inform us? Entertain us? Enchant us?

To Participate

Send an email to bmandreamproject@gmail.com In the email include:

+Number of Burning Man events attended,
+Description of your Dream (and date you had it if possible)

Please make sure this dream is a dream you had about/in/related to Burning Man since Burning Man 2009. Write out the dream in as much detail as you remember with as little context, interpretation, extraneous story attached to it as possible. If you’d like to discuss how this dream came true or means you secretly want to have sex with your mother, please put it in a completely different section.

Feel free to submit as many Burning Man dreams as you’ve had.

Thank you and stay tuned for results!!!

Jonah’s DreamScapes


~ by jonahhaas on July 23, 2010.

One Response to “Burning Man Dream Project”

  1. Found myself in a yellow and green double-decker bus *not too unlike the Shagadellic white bus of Burns past). I was in the top level, with the roof enclosed, amongst other Burners that had organized themselves into a marching band.

    I was actually trying to catch myself up to the *red* double decker bus, that was cleverly disguised as a fire truck (think: normal fire truck, twice as long, and a little taller).

    In our yellow and green bus, we went straight, and then turned right, while the red bus went immediately right, and then turned left. We were driving along what I remember as the Polo fields out at Coachella.

    I am Eeve! I am 25 and 3/4! I am about to experience my 3rd Burn!

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