Inception Dream Quiz

Jonah’s Inception Quiz!

So, you’ve seen Inception, you thought it was amazing, but a little far out there. Or maybe your brain still hasn’t unraveled it, but your higher senses know it contained an amazing message and some deep dream wisdom. You are wondering about your own dream world and where you stand as a dreamer. Complete this quiz to find out! Answer each question with a direct Yes or No. Keep track of how many Yeses and Nos you record.

1. ____ Do you have a method for testing reality that you use regularly in your waking life and in your dreams?

2.____ Have you ever had a lucid dream (a dream in which you know that you are dreaming)?

3. ____ Do you have at least one lucid dream a month?

4. ____ Do you have at least one lucid dream a week?

5. ____ Have you ever experienced a dream within a dream?

6. ____ Have you ever experienced a dream within a dream within a dream?

7. ____ Have you ever recognized dream characters as projections of your psyche after having a dream?

8. ____ Have you ever recognized dream characters as projections of your psyche while still in the dream?

9.  ____ Have you ever identified another dreamer while in a dream?

10. ____ Have you ever experienced a dream character that appeared to be one person in the dream, yet upon waking you realized that they were really someone else?

11. ____ Have you ever dreamt of communicating with someone who you know is deceased?

12. ____ In your waking life, have you ever drawn a complex maze?

13. ____ In your waking life, have you ever completed a thousand piece puzzle?

14. ____ In your waking life, do you enjoy solving riddles?

15. ____ Have you experienced the distortion of time that occurs within dreams?

16. ____ Have you ever experienced sensory input from your sleeping physical body while in the dream (ex. music, noises, movement, smells, etc.)?

17. ____ Have you ever had a deeply emotional dream about your father or mother?

18. ____ Have you ever dreamt of a locked vault that contains top secret information?

19. ____ Have you ever dreamt of a scary basement that hides dark shadows, monsters, skeletons, or unpleasant memories?

20. ____ Have you ever interacted or conversed with one of your scary nightmare images and transformed it into something no longer scary?

21. ____ Have you ever died in a dream and woken up?

22. ____ Have you ever manipulated the physics of your dream world?

23. ____ Have you ever drawn out a map of your dreamscape upon awakening?

24. ____ Have you ever manipulated objects or characters in your dreams using the power of your mind?

25. ____ Have you ever taken a supplement to enhance dreaming?

26. ____ Have you ever dreamt of being engaged in a convoluted conspiracy theory plot in which you were a secret agent?

27. ____ Have you ever found yourself at rest in a formless limbo land?

28. ____ Have you ever awoken from a dream that was so impactful that from that moment onward you were forever changed?

29._____ Have you ever experienced memories of forgotten dreams while in a dream?

30. ____ Do you record your dreams in any way? (i.e dream journal, digital audio, sketch pad)

NOW… count the number of yes answers you recorded. Then, look below for where you fall in terms of your dream experience!

0-2: Asleep Sheep

You rarely remember your dreams. If you do, they are confusing or scary. You hold little value in your dreams and have adopted a story called “I just don’t dream”. Fortunately for you, this is just a self created story. We all dream, EVERY NIGHT. If you think you don’t dream, it just means you don’t remember them. If you would like to become more adept at remembering your dreams there are many ways to do so.

3-10:  Elementary Imaginer

You only remember your dreams on occasion. You’ve had good dreams and bad dreams but only rarely find deep, strong significance in them. It is likely that you don’t frequently share your dreams with other people, nor do you likely keep a dream journal. You have probably never had a lucid dream. You may find interest in your dreams but have some sort of program running called, “I’m just too busy to pay attention to my dreams”, or “I’m just not a very good dreamer”. Let’s trash those old programs and open up that dream world!

11-20 Average Dreamer

You remember your dreams frequently. You find them interesting and meaningful. You may not have ever had a lucid dream, or perhaps you’ve had a few, but have not yet developed the ability to lucid dream regularly. Perhaps you’ve begun keeping a dream journal and speaking with friends about your dreams. You understand that dreams are messages from your higher self that are spoken in riddles. You’ve enjoyed deciphering them and on more than one occasion have been impacted by the poignancy of your dreams’ meaning. The good news is that you’re on the verge of opening up an amazing world of lucid dreaming… this is a skill that can be learned and coached.

21-25 Skilled Dream Ranger

You have chosen a reality test that works for you and have begun to question your reality as a practice. This has led to you awakening in the dream regularly. As a lucid dreamer you begin to develop dream skills. You recognize the profundity of dream messages and may have even experienced the phenomenon of analyzing the psychological meaning of your dream while still in it. You’ve had some dreams and met some dream characters that seem too real or too foreign to possibly have been created within your own mind. You embrace the possibility of dreaming the future, meeting other rangers in the dream, or receiving important messages from beyond the grave. You are beginning to understand the term lucid living.

26-30 Advanced Multi-Dimensional Traveler

You navigate the dream world like a master admiral on unfamiliar and choppy seas. You discover that there are infinite arrays of dream skills at your disposal that are only confined by your own imagination. You use these skills as they are needed, but recognize that too much control of the dream world may lead to frustration, or unintended outcomes. Instead you align as much as possible with dream flow, using focused intention to guide you… not blockheaded power or control. You’ve learned to travel the inter-dimensional energetic dream-ways deep down into your own subconscious, into dreams within dreams within dreams, or out into other times and places and other realms of nonphysical reality. You explore these dream spaces and places as well as your waking world with sharp, clear, aware, lucid consciousness. Problems work themselves out, anxiety slips away, fear no longer factors. You find it easy to manifest the dream and waking reality that you desire. In fact, you are beginning to conceptualize All as a beautiful lucid dream.

Well then. I hope you’ve found this quiz illuminating. If you have questions, or if you are interested in setting up a free consultation with a lucid dream coach, you email me directly at If you are interested in joining a community of dreamers engaged in ongoing dream workshops and experiments in Southern California, join the Facebook group Revelation Dreamwork. Dream BIG yall!


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