Welcome to Jonah’s DreamScapes.

I set up this blog as a place to share my dreams with the world. I intend to keep a frequent account of my nightime (and naptime) escapades here. I’ve got a ton of dreams logged in notebooks and dream journals sitting on shelves in my bedroom and packed away in boxes in the attic. They span over ten years. Periodically, I may pull out some of these classics and post them for your reading pleasure.

Dreaming, and embracing dreamwork as an exercise is a valuable one for anybody interested in self exploration. Some dreams are basically bubbles of our subconscious. As we become more aware of them and give them more attention by consistantly writing them down, sharing them with friends and family, reading and rereading them, and examining their symbology, we can become more in touch with our inner urges, desires, needs, values, and tendencies. What’s more, if we can become aware WITHIN the dream, we can consciously explore our own deeper layers and even ask ourselves how we really feel about the difficult questions our life presents us with.

As we delve deeper into dream exploration, we realize that these images, these experiences, these dreamscapes are not always our own. We realize that they are more than the cumulative output of the neural networks of our individual brains. Some dreams offer unique portals into the thoughts and intentions of others. Some dreams see vividly into the future, and are the grounds for some of the most profound prophecies ever forseen. Others connect dreamers with the energies of loved ones who have passed, bridging the worlds of the living and… whatever it is that lies beyond.

And finally, as we begin to accept the glaring truth that not all dreams take place within the cozy confines of our own minds, our paradigm of reality must shift. This paradigm shift embraces the influential dreamwork of western scholars of the Fruedian tradition and transcends them, integrating ancient esoteric wisdom from the east with psychological insights from the west. The new paradigm expands to allow for alternate dimensions, or shall i say, multiple levels of energetic reality. It allows for those phenomenon that we want to label “psychic”. We can see the future and re-visit the past. We can visit real places that exist in other geographic and temporal wheres and whens.

The world we explore in the dream time is no less REAL than this world in which we stumble through in waking life, it just has a different set of rules. It is not governed by laws like gravity or thermodynamics, it is not ruled by democracies or corporate marketing, but that doesn’t mean there are no coherant organizing properties. Our dream body, or astral body, is not composed of flesh and blood and bone but rather of a field of energy vibrating at a more subtle (higher) frequency than the rest of our physical body. It is connected to our physical body during the waking hours and during dreams that explore our own subconscious, but can be freed of the physical body during astral projection, meditation, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), and death. This is when true multidimensional exploration takes place! In the words of Jake the young gunslinger of Roland Deschain’s ka-tet, “There are other worlds than these”. We have access to these worlds.

Welcome to the magical sur-reality of……….. Jonah’s DreamScapes.


~ by jonahhaas on June 2, 2010.

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